Tuesday, 26 February 2013

February/March News

It has been a very busy month here at The NOSTALGIA Collection with several forthcoming titles going through the works.

Coming up in Match:

Britain's 15-inch-gauge Railways by David Jones

A really fascinating book that has over 200 illustrations, a history of the gauge and a gazetteer of all the currently running 15" railways. The softcover is due in March 2013. For the collector or those who prefer a hardback if your quick you can snap up one of the Limited Edition hardbacks which is due for release in May 2013. (Please hurry along there as all the previously released Limited Editions from Silver Link and Past & Present have sold out very quickly) 

Railways & Recollections Series

March/April sees the release of two further preserved line volumes in this growing series:

No 38 The Bluebell Railway by Keith Leppard

There is much excitement here in the SLP office as we are awaiting the first pictures of a working train on the new extension to East Grinstead due to open at the end of March - the book is ready to go to press but we just have to have those pictures to really have a celebration! This is a great companion/souvenir volume and will be on sale at the Bluebell Railway and through all good booksellers.

No 41 The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway by Malcolm Ranieri

In similar vein we have a brand new volume on this picturesque line which has recovered from the trauma of severe flooding and looks forward to a fully operational season in 2013. The extension to Broadway is tantalisingly close.

Buses Trams & Trolleybuses of Scotland & Ireland 1950-1970s Part 3 Scottish Main and Independent Bus Operators By Henry Conn

The latest addition to the growing series includes images from the archives of enthusiasts who were out and about in the era of 'half cabs and rear platforms'. Another fascinating look back in time to the nostalgic street scenes of 40+ years ago.

Sixties Boys on Tour By Alan Hammond

Sold out within just a few weeks of publication this popular tale of the 'rebirth' of a sixties band and their exploits just had to be reprinted to meet the demand! 

So all in all a broad selection to choose from...

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Monday, 18 February 2013

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